Don’t Overdo Your Detergent (And Other Laundry Tips)

August 24th, 2014

Think you know how to do laundry? Think again. Think you know how to do laundry?

Think again.

I was interviewed for this awesome collection of laundry tips and tricks on, and I shared some of my favorite laundry secrets:

  • How to avoid musty smells while saving money.
  • How to save time and (electrical) energy.
  • & Permission to be a bit lazy (and how to do it).

Because seriously, simple is good.

Start the slideshow here (and don’t forget to click through the whole thing).

Menu Planning – Are You Making These 3 Mistakes When Meal Planning?

August 20th, 2014

Menu Planning - Are you making these 3 mistakes?Menu planning is a great way to get ready for your week.

On grocery day, you’ll have a list of everything you actually need to buy (and nothing you don’t).

Each day, you will know exactly what to prepare and cook.

And every night, your family will gather around your table and be able to enjoy each other’s company and conversation, thanks to removing the stress of “winging it.”

But when you’re actually sitting down to do your meal planning, are you struggling?

Does it take you an hour or two every time?

Do you draw a blank when faced with the question, “What should we eat for dinner this week?”

If so, you’re probably making at least one of these 3 menu planning mistakes.

Click to read the rest on

What This Pine Cone Taught Me About Memories

August 19th, 2014

What does this pine cone have to do with memories? Read the important lesson it taught me. There’s a pine cone sitting on the bookshelf in my living room.

There has been for years.

This is the fourth home I’ve displayed it in, and it’ll be the last.

Why will it be the last?

The pine cone taught me something last week, as I picked it up to dust underneath it, and noticed how it’s become a little bit broken, a little worse for wear.

It occurred to me that the memories I had attached to it, assigned to it, had also become worse for wear. Read the rest to hear the story of the pine cone and what I’m going to do about the lesson it taught me.

How I Simplified My Entire Life (in Two Weeks)

August 12th, 2014

The following is a guest post by Catherine Burket. Catherine is a teacher and new mama from South Carolina.


How I simplified my entire life in two weeks. Amazing story! We both felt it.  

My husband, Tim, and I were happy with our life we’d built together, but we just felt like we were stagnating.

It was time for a big change.  We just weren’t sure WHAT needed to change.

It boiled down to two options:

  1. Move overseas with a job opportunity, or
  2. Have a baby.

(Spoiler alert- we picked baby.)

A job presented itself to us where we would live in Europe (in a teeny apartment).  We loved the idea, but there was one problem. We would only have about 2 weeks after finding out we got the job to pack up and move to Europe.

We knew we couldn’t fit our three-bedroom house into a studio or one bedroom apartment, much less afford to ship everything over there.

But we also didn’t want to get rid of everything in case we decided to stay and go with option two.

Read about what Catherine and Tim did, and how they simplified their entire life in 2 weeks.

4 Ways Your Stuff Tries to Convince You to Keep It (and How to Say No)

August 5th, 2014

4 Ways Your Stuff Convinces You to Keep It (And How to Say No)Our stuff wants us to keep it. It tries so hard.

Even if we know it’s not useful to us in our current season of life.

Our stuff begs. It pleads with us that it really is valuable.

It’s a lot easier to get rid of things like clothes that don’t fit, kitchen appliances we don’t use, broken objects, furniture we no longer like, and ancient worthless electronics we’ve replaced. That’s the easy stuff, and where everyone should start their decluttering adventures.

But once we’re past decluttering all of the easy things, sometimes we hit a wall, because our personal things are so convincing. And some of the non-personal stuff knows how to make us hold on, too.

Our stuff has perfected a few arguments, and we’ll hear them over and over (if we listen).

4 Ways Our Stuff Tries to Convince Us to Keep It

  1. “You CREATED me. You MADE me. Therefore, I’m a part of you. I’m basically one of your kids. How could you get rid of me?”
    • Photographs we’ve taken,
    • Paintings we made in an art class to practice a certain technique,
    • Papers we wrote in high school,
    • A blanket we spent a month crocheting.

    Read the rest to find out the other 3 ways your stuff tries to convince you to keep it (and how to say no.)