Living Room Furniture Arrangement + Q&A

October 21st, 2014

Living room Q&A with tons of tipsLast week, I shared my Living Room Tour with you all, in response to some requests to see the things I write about “in action” in a real-life situation.

I received tons of questions and requests for living room tips from readers on Instagram, and this post is dedicated to answering those.

I hope I didn’t leave anyone out!

This post covers:

  • “Where’d you get that…?”
  • What the deal is with rugs on carpets (and how to keep them from bunching or shifting, tripping people, or being obnoxious).
  • Where are all your tables? Where do you put your drinks?
  • How do you keep things so neat when you have kids and dogs?
  • What’s the best way to store magazines and reading material?
  • How can I arrange my furniture in my super-weird-shaped living room with tons of obstacles?
  • What do I do about the laundry that keeps piling up in the living room, waiting for me to fold it?
  • How can I create a living room I actually love and use?

Here we go!

Read all of the Q&A including examples and tips for different awkward furniture-arranging situations in living rooms.

FREE Teal Pumpkin Project Printable – Allergy-Free Halloween Signs

October 15th, 2014

#TealPumpkinProject Free Printables for Allergy-Friendly Halloween Treats

Halloween is already scary enough without food allergies. But for kids who could have severe reactions or even die from unsafe-for-them foods, it’s extra-scary.

Join the #TealPumpkinProject by passing out only allergy-free treats this year. Non-food options are fantastic, fun, and safe.

Here are the 10 Best Allergy-Free Halloween Treats, in case you’re looking for ideas.

Let trick-or-treaters know that your house is allergy-safe by printing out one of these door signs and displaying it on Halloween, and be sure to spread the word to friends so they can participate in supporting and protecting kids with food allergies too.

Click below to grab your printable door signs for #TealPumpkinProject.

Click to get the sign-up form and your free printable door signs.

Living Room Tour

October 14th, 2014

Living room tour & Tips for staying organized, even with kids. A little while back, I mentioned that I had received requests for me to share more of my home with you, so that you can see how the homemaking methods and techniques I talk about look in action.

I share a bit of this stuff on my Instagram account (say hi on IG if you follow me over there!), but I’m happy to give a more in-depth tour on the blog.

This week, I’m happy to give you my living room tour.

We have a very open floor plan, so you’ll be able to see glimpses of the dining room, kitchen, and office nook too, but I’ll cover those in more detail in later posts.


Click to read all about how we organize and use our living room, and to see lots more pictures.

18 Ways to Have a Clutter-Free Halloween

October 7th, 2014

18 Ways to Have a Clutter-Free Halloween (While still having All of the Fun)I’ve been hard-core decluttering the house. And I’ve been working hard to keep the clutter from coming back in.

I’m guessing you’re here because you’re on the same kind of journey.

And Halloween is working against us!

With all of the costumes, candles, spooky decor, junky little trinkets and toys, the clutter situation can get quickly out of hand.

How can we cut the clutter without cutting back on any of the fun?

I promise, it’s possible! Here’s how.
Click to read all 18 ways to prevent clutter-creep while you celebrate Halloween!

How to Implement a Toy Rotation System

September 30th, 2014

How to get started with a toy rotation system - Tons of practical advice and tips, plus 10 steps to starting a system from scratch (AND a printable checklist).You love your kids.

You want them to be creative, to explore the world, to use their imaginations. You want them to learn, make connections, and grow. You want to encourage their interests, support their passions, and broaden their horizons.

And for many families, the playroom is where it all goes down.

But there’s a problem that happens in playrooms.

It’s the same kind of problem that happens in your own closet if you’re not careful. You know the feeling that you have too many clothes and nothing to wear? Kids get that too, with toys.

When they enter a playroom that’s full of toys, but there are things they’ve outgrown, things they don’t like anymore, and mismatched pieces, it’s pretty overwhelming.

What would make you look at your closet, let out a frustrated groan, and then choose the same yoga-pants-and-tank outfit you usually wear? That’s the same feeling that makes the kids leave their playroom and grab the pots out of the kitchen cabinets to play with.

There’s nothing wrong with wearing yoga pants and a tank top, and there’s nothing wrong with the kids playing with cooking pots. But wouldn’t you rather those things happen on purpose, instead of as the only alternative to an overwhelming number of choices?

Toy rotation is a huge help in those situations, and I’m happy to share with you how to get started.

Read more to find out why parents AND kids will love toy rotation, and how to stat your toy rotation system. Plus, get the printable checklist.