Make Facebook Less Annoying – Without Quitting!

July 22nd, 2014

how to make Facebook less annoying Facebook sucks.

That seems to be the general consensus, anyway.

But most of us are still on Facebook, for good reasons.

Keeping up with friends who live far away. We’re a military family, so I get it. 6 moves in 7 years will do that to a person. But military or not, we’ve all got people we love all over the place.

Communicating with groups of local people for events. I do a lot of playdate-inviting via Facebook. My neighborhood coordinates group garage sales through Facebook. I sell stuff we don’t need anymore on Facebook (I never look at Craigslist anymore). Our class spouse club sends invitations to get-togethers and coordinates potlucks through Facebook. It’s convenient because most of us are already there.

Sharing photos with friends and family. It’s kind of the same as #1 but definitely easier to use Facebook for this than to email photos individually, or text everyone, or print and mail them. Let’s face it. Sometimes Facebook is convenient.

Participating in groups. I know people who have quit Facebook totally… except for groups. When we find a group we “click” with and learn from, that’s super valuable. And it’s fun to be part of a community we identify with. Kind of like my community of real homemakers making real changes (that actually stick). We have a blast on Facebook together!

Keeping up with brands, companies, and blogs we like. Sure we could use for keeping up with blog posts, but sometimes bloggers post “extra” goodies on Facebook. And we don’t necessarily want to sign up for email lists for every company we like, but “liking” them on Facebook still lets us keep up with their sales and promotions (if Facebook’s algorithm decides we need to see them).

You can also do cool stuff like following other people’s interest lists, and creating your own. Here’s my “Home – Organizing, Simplicity” list if you’d like to follow along with some of my favorite bloggers and pages.

So… maybe it doesn’t really suck. Not completely. There are great reasons to use Facebook.

But Facebook can be really, really, really annoying.

Read the rest to find out how to fix your newsfeed.

5 Simple Weekend Actions to Improve Your Week

July 15th, 2014

improve your week with these 5 simple weekend actionsMonday’s coming.

Feeling anxious?

I’ve been there.

Dinnertime rolls around and we realize we forgot to thaw the meat for the day’s meal. Or when our kids ask, “What are we doing today?” we’re not exactly sure what to tell them.

As someone who works from home, it’s always apparent to me whether or not I spent a bit of time on the weekend to prepare to have a great week.

I’ll sit down to my desk during my Monday morning work hours and feel… lost.

But it’s the same for everyone, work-at-home or not. Just a bit of weekend preparation can help us make every week count, from avoiding a Case of the Monday’s, through sidestepping the typical TGIF.

Will you jump in with both feet, totally present and ready to have a fantastic week?

Are you ready?

Avoid a Case of the Monday’s and sidestep the typical TGIF when you do these 5 Simple Weekend Actions to Improve Your Week. Tweet this.

So what can you do?
What Are the 5 Simple Actions You Can Take This Weekend to Improve Your Week?

Your Purse Contents = Your Homemaking Style, Revealed

July 8th, 2014

What your purse contents say about your homemaking style
Your purse.

It goes everywhere with you.

Always by your side, it’s disguised as a fashion accessory. But what is it really?

It’s a little piece of your home.

And what might surprise you is that its contents are saying a lot about you and your homemaking style.

“I’m thinking balls are to men, what purses are to women. It’s just a little bag but we’d feel naked in public without it.” – Carrie Bradshaw, Sex and the City Tweet This.

Learn about your homemaking style by taking a peek into your purse.

Ready to Find Out What Your Purse Contents Say About Your Homemaking Style? Click to Read the Rest.

Travel With Kids: 3 Real-World Tips for Packing Light

June 19th, 2014

My latest post at OrgJunkie gives you three real-world tips for traveling with kids while still packing light.

How to travel with kids and pack light

Which tip did you most need to hear?

I think #3 is hard for a lot of families, but every time we travel, it’s reinforced more and more, so it’s become an easy one for us to wrap our minds around now.

Click over to read Travel With Kids: 3 Real-World Tips for Packing Light at OrgJunkie.


5 Simple Steps for Taming Your Craft Stash

May 29th, 2014

I'm an Organizing Junkie

I’m so so so so so excited that Laura asked me to be a regular contributor on her blog, I’m an Organizing Junkie. She’s fantastic to work with, and her entire website pretty much rocks my socks. So, here’s my first post on her blog as an official contributor!  5 Simple Steps for Taming Your Craft Stash

declutter your craft materials

I get it. I’m a crafter too.

I know what it’s like to see the potential in that tiny scrap of fabric, that beautiful woven ribbon that came unexpectedly wrapped around the last thing you ordered from Etsy, the stacks of printed and textured paper that are 50% off in the craft store.

Chances are your “stash” will keep you busy for a long, long time. Unfortunately, if your stash has developed a life of its own, oozing out of designated baskets and boxes, spilling off of shelves, and piling higher and higher, it’s going to keep you busy managing your materials rather than creating masterpieces.

So how can you cut through the clutter, get to the good stuff, and really start creating again? It’s pretty simple. Here’s how I’ve been doing just that, since we moved into our house in December.

Read the rest at – 5 Simple Steps for Taming Your Craft Stash.

Three Things to Simplify NOW to Save Time Everyday

May 27th, 2014

i heart organizing feature

Jen at I Heart Organizing has such a HAPPY blog and her attitude goes right along with it. I love following her on Instagram and reading her blog posts, and I’m so grateful that she gave me the opportunity to share some tips on simplifying with her readers.

simplify these three things now

If you’ve been meaning to declutter and simplify, or if you’re on that path now, it’s probably because you’ve realized that excess is not just taking up space in your home.  Far from it.  It also sucks up any extra time you might have.  (And who really has “extra” time?  Not me.)

When you spend time washing extra things, moving things around to get to other items you need more, and organizing and reorganizing stuff you never have time to actually use, there’s not much time for anything else.

And I know you want that time back.

You don’t just want it back.  You need it back.  Because that’s the time you’re supposed to be using to make wonderful memories with your family, to pursue your dreams, to take care of yourself, and to engage in your favorite down-time activities. 

So it’s time to pare down a bit.  Here are some things you can simplify NOW (whether it’s a block of time this weekend, or a little bit each day) so that you’ll be able to stop wasting time and have a few more hours for what’s really important in life.

Read the rest at I Heart Organizing… Three Things to Simplify NOW to Save Time Everyday

Simple Kid Lunches – 5 Steps to Never Running Out of Ideas

May 6th, 2014

Extraordinary Mommy guest post

Check out my guest post at Extraordinary Mommy about how to never run out of ideas for your kids’ lunches. Ever. It’s my step-by-step guide to figuring out what to feed the kids in general, getting them involved so they have a sense of ownership, and how to use the system on a daily basis to make exciting, delicious, healthy meals your kids will actually eat.



I also include four different lunch planning charts (for different styles of diet and planning) which will help you stay on top of the school-lunch game.


5 Myths About Decluttering Everyone Believes

April 30th, 2014

Huffington Post - 5 Myths About Decluttering

If you don’t want to fall into the same traps as everyone else when it comes to decluttering your home, you need to read these 5 Myths about Decluttering Everyone Believes in my post at Huffpost Home. I also share 5 steps to actually decluttering properly at the end.

BS Fact #1: Decluttering is a fun hobby.

The truth: “Oooooh, decluttering? I love decluttering! I’m ALWAYS getting rid of stuff,” says your too-perky friend when you mention your hopes for your home. But she’s a little nuts, and here’s why.

Decluttering is a task. It shouldn’t be a hobby. You do it, and then you’re done. If you work to maintain equilibrium with your stuff in your home, you won’t have to have a big declutter-fest every weekend for the rest of your life.

And if you’re honest with yourself, aren’t you getting rid of crap so you can stop having to deal with it all? And so it will stop getting in your way all the time? Do you really want to have to write “decluttering” into your weekly cleaning schedule?

Get the job done. All the way. Then you won’t have to “just looooove decluttering!”

Click over to Huffington Post to read the whole story about decluttering.

Decluttering – Are you Making These 3 Mistakes When Purging Your Stuff?

April 8th, 2014

I'm an Organizing Junkie

Read my post at I’m an Organizing Junkie about the three mistakes you’re making when decluttering. It’s not just about winning a 15 minute battle. It’s about winning the war. And in this post, I show you some common pitfalls and how to avoid them.

Mistake #2 is life-changing for me, and my solution makes it SO much easier to let the extra stuff go.


3 mistakes you're making when decluttering

5 Signs You Should Invest in a Mother’s Helper

April 5th, 2014

baby making machine feature Maybe you feel like you should be able to do it all. So you struggle and push and cry in the bathroom while you eat candy and your kids pound on the door. There’s really an easier way, and I don’t mean shipping your kids to boarding school. I mean hiring a friendly neighborhood mother’s helper for a few hours a week. It’s a simple, affordable approach  to asking for help when you might not have family nearby and your friends are all in the trenches with you. Hiring a mother’s helper might not be for you. But then again, it might save your sanity. Read more at Baby Making Machine in my guest post, 5 Signs You Should Invest in a Mother’s Helper.   why you need a mother's helper